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Cape's approach to business is based on an understanding that today's industry leaders demand safer, more intelligent and resourceful answers to solving their challenges, and that strong customer relationships are built on confidence and trust. Our core brand values are:

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. By continually looking at ways to improve safety, we are finding better ways of working, and moving closer to achieving totally incident and injury-free working environments. We have an exemplary safety record, consistently exceeding industry standards, and we invest significantly to ensure all our employees benefit from relevant technical and safety training.

We also have a proven track record for completing contracts within budget and on schedule. We achieve this by taking a forward-thinking approach to each challenge, and being able to provide a wide range of multi-disciplinary services as part of one contract. The reliability of our service supports our clients' success, and means we have established long-term partnerships with many of our largest clients.


We are imaginative, innovative and resourceful in our approach to every operational challenge we help our clients overcome. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the industries and sectors we support means we can find the most intelligent ways to meet clients' needs.

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Scaffolding, Cleaning, Insulation, Rope Access.

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Contact name: Karl Bramwell

Cape Industrial Services
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